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Glass balcony models special for your home, workplaces and projects with free discovery, 6+ installments without interest!

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Bella Series Glass Balconies

Innovation in Balcony systems thanks to its new design and water drainage on the frame. When evaporation occurs on the windows or if rain water leaks in, the water is discharged through the drain opened to the case. The fact that the surfaces of the accessories are self-shaped and developed according to the desired angle ensures that the wings can be opened and closed very easily. It does not require re-adjustment. Thanks to the upper and lower safety locks developed for children; You can use it with confidence. It is produced differently from the locks used in other glass balconies. The fact that all accessories are polyamide and unbreakable prevents theft. It is designed for angled oval, flat balconies suitable for all spaces. It is applied to all houses, workplaces, cafes, restaurants, hotels and under awnings.

Provides Thermal Insulation

With glass balcony systems, you will prevent heat loss and save energy.

Reduces Sound

It reduces external sounds and prevents noise pollution entering your home to a great extent.

Prevents wind and precipitation

You can enjoy the fresh air by opening your glass balcony or use it with pleasure by closing it in rainy weather.

Extends Your Living Space

Your balconies, which you can use in all seasons with glass balcony systems, offer you additional living space.

Protects Your Balcony

With glass balcony systems, you prevent damage that may occur on your balconies over time. Also, dust and dirt from outside do not enter your home.

Security Qatar

With our glass balcony systems, your balconies turn into safe places for your children to play.

Glass Balcony Applications

Take a closer look at our applications and get ready to have the best glass balcony for your home!

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